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Headlining 1

Most headlining used today in car, have a shaped board, with a layer of foam, and a layer of fabric either vinyl or valour. The reason headlining start to drop is that over time the foam disintegrates to a powder, causing the fabric to detach from the board, we found that people had driven the car with the widows open are more prone for the headlining to drop sooner, than someone that drive with the air conditioner on, but will eventually it will drop, one client said he had taken his car to the car wash and it dropped. We remove the headlining board, remove all the lose foam and replace with a headlining valour and refit back into your car. As well as the headlining looking unsightly it can be dangerous,from partially covering the back window, to the headlining dropping on your head, causing distraction and annoyance.

HeadliningThe photographs are taken just before the removal of the headlining boards, as well as been annoying for the driver and passenger, and not looking very nice, they can be a danger for the driver, and has to be repaired for a road worthy certificate.

Over the years we have seen a lot of temporary solutions, one gentleman wore a hat to push up the headlining, a headlining board full of thumb tacks, a Mitsubishi Sigma had a metal trim that held the board in place, he used little thin strips of wood and hooked then on the metal trim to hold the lining up it was quite well done, another one is to cut out the lining and just have the board exposed, which is ok as long small children, who use their finger on the board write their name and draw pictures even games of nought and crosses, unfortunately the down side is the small children are inhaling the foam partials, by the way it not just the little children the draw picture on the board, sometimes it the big children, but one of the worst one’s which is more common is using glue from a tube and blobbing glue on the board, what happens is when the board is removed for replacing the lining the blob of glue has soaked in to the board making a large bump which will show up on new lining, we use a sharp blade to remove as much of the lump from the board without damaging the board.