Designer Upholstery Covering Queensland Sunshine Coast

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Auto Upholstery

from a simple seat repair to a full Retrim, headlining replacement, i have worked on some of the old classic car TRl full Retrim for a night Club owner which sold in America, MG were quite common Hood repairs Vybak (clear PVC) replacement, collapsed seat from ripped diaphams, motor bike seat mostly make a new cover due rips and tears, and the vinyl roofs was quite a big part of the job back in the day

Bubble Car

here are a couple of examples of the work

i was asked if could get a tan/gold coloured vinyl to match the original vinyl when removing the lining parts the was never exposed to the elements was white the tan/gold was caused to the tar in the cigarettes

the rear seat had also been re upholstery a couple of months before, the taxi was a on going project for the owner

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