Designer Upholstery Covering Queenslands Sunshine Coast

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Red Lounge Before

here is an example of a Re Upholstered lounge, when we first look at the lounge there was a lot work stripping down the lounge, Unfortunately the previous Upholsterer who had recovered the lounge over the top of the original cover so two sets of covers, then had to be removed adding more time to the job, there was no way of knowing this before removing the cover,

2 Cover lounge

in the pictures you can see that there are two covers on the lounge, the lounge was completely striped to bear wood, all the covers (both) hessian webbing and springs was removed, just leaving a wooden frame.

Lounge small 1 Lounge Small 2

then jute webbing was attached, the coil springs and the coil springs that formed the sprung edge, at the front the spring where laced in the jute webbing and all the top springs then laced into position the hessian was then added and the springs in position on the hessian, rolled edges were added to the seat and all the padding was reinstalled.
Lounge in HessianThe staining and varnishing of the arm top was the last job of the day as any dust and partials would stick to the varnish and they had a temporary cover over the while the cover was being attached. The next part of the job is pattern matching the fabric, so all the backs are centred and look, the same all the top front and sides match all cushion are reversible,  not always interchangeable as on the old lounges some of the cushions are different sizes mostly on the settee Red Lounge